UPDATE>> I just wanted give a big, giant, sincere and warm THANK YOU to everyone who’s checked in on me over the past few weeks. It truly means more than you know. My hand is on the mend and I am feeling very optimistic that I will recover! I’m still figuring out the logistics on my other hand, but I can absolutely tell a difference in the hand that was operated on!

WHAT’S NEXT>> As you can imagine, taking extended time off has given me great pause and time to process and prospect the future. Recently, my husband was presented a tremendous professional opportunity that will allow him to elevate his career to the next level. I am beyond proud of him and all that he’s doing! After a long discussion, a lot of reflection and some meditation, we have decided to relocate to the East Coast so he can pursue this opportunity. 

SO>> We are scheduled to leave San Diego the first week of July. The chiropractors at the CHIROPRACTIQUE urban retreat are exceptional and are willing to take over your Chiropractic Care in my absence. Your health is incredibly important to me so please do not hesitate to contact me via email if you have any questions, concerns, or need for information :: contact@drbeaucasey.com 

AGAIN>> Thank you for allowing me to be of service! It is a giant privilege to be able to help you and I am deeply grateful having been given the opportunity to do so! 


Dr. Beau 🐻❤️🙌🏽✨🌈